Disposable wedding dress… It’s once in a lifetime – and then it’s over.


Wedding dress from 1880s made of Danish disposable paper wrapping for wheat flour.
The special soft texture of the paper wedding dress is achieved by crumpling and ironing it repeatedly. The result is very comfortable to the touch and to the ear. The visual impression is fragile and delicate.

For many women the wedding dress represents the romantic climax of years of speculation, dreams and planning. She steps back into history to create a vision of herself as princess for a day as she is walking down the aisle. The village church, where the father is about to give the bride away, is the result of thorough research. The historic site, where she has rarely been before, is now the perfect location for the traditional ritual of binding two people together in love, fertility and prosperity. When U become We. Watching her in her dress, pretty as a flower, makes the guests cry.

At the party nothing is missing. After all it’s a one-time occasion. The bride dances in her dress all night, and when the night is over she hangs it in the closet where it reminds her of the one day in her life where she gave her heart away. Hopefully she won’t have to do it again.

Annette Meyer’s ’from FLOuR to FLOweR’ concept is combining the historical women’s dress with fragile paper wrapping materials to create a series of one of a kind wedding dresses.

The dress plays with the paradox of the romantic dream, traditional femininity and extensive consumerism of the modern wedding. But despite hinting about the transitory nature of all things, including marriage, and the disposable nature of a dress that so much effort has been put into, the respect for the romantic vision is intact.

The bride to be is invited to choose from a collection of authentic historical styles from the beginning of the 19th century up to the beginning of the modern era in early 20th century. There is a time for everyone…

The symbolism is clear. Only the beautiful original paper wrappings from flour products are used for the wedding dress project. The bride may choose from materials from all over the world in her search for the right colour and pattern on her personal flour dress.

As part of the concept, before the wedding the girl friends of the bride are invited to a ritualistic session of collective preparation of the dress. At the “crumble party” the girls crumble the original wrapping material, to make it soft and strong enough for the bride to wear. The material is lined with cotton before the sewing process.

The individuality of the bride is of course included in the design and reconstruction of the dress in paper, to accentuate her personal beauty. After all, it’s once in a lifetime…

Text by Camilla Lyngbo Wolden-Ræthing


Holmens kirke, Copenhagen


Bride walking down the aisle, dressed in a paper wedding dress from 1880s re-made in Danish disposable paper wrapping for flour.