Corsinel – Compression Underwear

Standardized support underwear – To develop a standard support garment that still allows individual placement of an opening for colostomy bags was a huge challenge as well to design underwear that would be practical in use and affordable for the majority of customers that can range in size. The newly developed textile provides strong compression, is extremely flexible and makes this design ideal for standard garments. The material is seamless knitwear that comes from flat knitting machines in tubular form, reducing seams to a minimum.

Individual positioning of stoma opening – To aid in customising the opening for a ostomy bag, we transposed a grid onto the measurement garment. The grid reflects the body’s contours, and provides coordinates to position the opening for a colostomy bag. This way the coordinates only have to pass back and forth once before our delivery of finished garments directly to the customer. One visit to the colostomy specialist is enough to learn how to handle a colostomy bag together with hernia support. The opening for a colostomy bag can be adjusted with a toggle so that it fits snugly, whatever size bag it is.

Silicone rim – A silicone rim is sewn into the elastic waist, to prevent it from rolling down. This has been a major problem to date, because current designs rise above the waist, to accommodate stoma located higher up.

Two-in-One – The seat of these garments is normal underwear fabric, which makes them easier to put on and remove, and more comfortable to wear.

Environment Labelling – We have applied for the Eco-Tex 100 mark, an assurance that these garments meet the criteria specified for harmful chemicals. Everything that goes into these garments, either individually carries the Eco-Tex 100 mark, or the EU’s flower mark.

Text from Coloplast catalogue 2004